Scotland Titles

Scotland Titles – Is It Legitimate?


Who Owns Scotland Titles?

Woodside Cottage,
George Street,
Maidstone ME15 0RF

Scotland Titles is a 2020 entrant to the laird titles scene. the domain was registered in June 2020. An invention of entrepreneur, Grant Jarvie of Kent, it began life as a simple copy of the Highland Titles product, identifying Highland Titles’ land in their documents and displaying stolen photographs – showing Highland Titles’ land. See October 2020 Internet Archive

More recently a wood in Caithness has been identified as the land being sold, but much of the language and style of the product remains “Highland Titles”.

Established Titles – Cloned content

The documents that Scotland Titles send out are a letter and Master Title Deed which are direct copies of the Highland Titles documents and a certificate which is substantially the same as a Highland Titles Certificate

Scotland Titles is simply a scam. Avoid.

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