As well as the standard offerings, where a token plot of Scottish land is sold so that the owner may legitimately describe themselves as a Laird, Lord or Lady, there are a few other vendors who operate on the margins. Here are a couple.

Lord Titles

The domain is registered to Paul Heading

3 Edgar Buildings
George Street, Office 176

The web site is very simple and says very little, probably as a result of a 2013 ruling against their site content by the UK Advertising Standards Authority.  The less that Lord Titles claim, the harder it is for anyone to prove the site content to be misleading.

So what is it that Lord Titles are selling for £18.95?

Paul Heading has trademarked the titles Lord of the Manor of Wansley and Lady of the Manor of Wansley. He then offers to let you use these names and also dedicates two square feet of Great Knott Wood on the south west shore of Lake Windermere, within the Lake District National Park in the County of Cumbria. Strictly speaking this is not his to give as the wood is owned by the Woodland Trust. Presumably Paul has dedicated a quarter acre to himself and believes that he can, in turn, pass on the dedication to his customers. All in all this is as meaningless as it is harmless.

So if you want a personalised title certificate (gold embossed), an information brochure, a postcard of the crest insignia, login details to the online members area and a meaningless two square feet of land in a beautiful part of the Lake District, that Paul does not own and has no right to dedicate on your behalf, then this is the package for you.

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