Moon Estates

Laird of Kincavel Ltd
P.O. Box 100
St. Austell
PL25 5YU

The company is based in Devon.

This is a very similar product to Gift Republic.  Same quality printing and exactly the same tin (just in a different colour!).

Sold via several “Special Gift” outlets and Amazon, This is another fun offering, tongue in cheek like all the Moon Estates range.

There is no additional merchandise – you receive a generic booklet, a “Little History of Scotland”, which is quite informative, but not personal to the product.

12 thoughts on “Moon Estates

  1. I have the laird or lady of kincavel estate package but all of the info that tells me how to accept it doesn’t work can you help me

  2. Hi iv lost my plot number and title
    Paper for laird of kincavel how can I get another one sent plz

  3. I and my partner bought these as a bit of fun back in 2010. Got all the docs and it said totally legal and title can be transferred also legally. Sadly in 2014, she died and last year I remembered about transferring, so made contact with Moon Estates ( the name is enough to set up doubts) advising them of my partner’s death and the land ID number. I asked what proof of death required to process. And for transfer to me as legal beneficiary.

    It seemed no proof required, as a new certificate arrived with my name and the parcel number. But the quadrant in which the parcel was identified was not as the original.

    I wrote again, by email, and another certificate arrived, correct parcel number but yet another inconsistent quadrant from her original notification.

    I have written yet again saying I smell a rat and to sort it out. I asked about company credentials and what is the company position of my contact with them. Nothing back so far!!!!!

    I smell a complete scam, even if it is for fun, it is stated as totally legal. Hmmm

    1. Moon Estates has no mechanism for transferring titles. At best they might provide you with a new free plot. This is because they do not rigorously identify plots and the ownership of these plots as Highland Titles does. You get what you pay for!

  4. I got the documents of the highlands, can anyone please tell me what benefits or privileges can i enjoy with this as am a foreigner. Can i enjoy some citizenship facilities?

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