Elite Titles


Elite Titles

The domain is registered to Alfred C. A. Bulpin

103 Queen Street103 Queen Street
Newton Abbot
TQ12 2BG

The product that Alfred Bulpin sells, from a lowly print shop in Devon, is essentially the same as the Lord Titles offering, except that instead of relying on a registered trademark, Alfred simply offers to print you a Deed Poll that allows you to change your NAME to Lord.  His photocopying bill is pennies, but he charges very big money presumably to persuade the gullible that they are receiving something more.  “Reassuringly expensive”.

Recently exposed by investigative journalist Toby Walne, this is essentially a con. If you want to adopt a new name of Lord, rather than a title, then deed polls can be purchased for literally dozens of vendors and none approach Alfred’s eye watering price of £195. 

Alfred’s seated Lordship, where he claims to sell you 64 square inches of land to go with your deed poll is simply bogus and the £995 or £1495 requested is outrageous.

Our advice is to avoid Elite Titles at all cost. It is, quite simply, a scam, designed to rob the gullible.

The disclaimer on the EliteTitles website is in very small print. For the myopic, I reproduce it here is large print:

Disclaimer: These effective Titles are not to be mistaken for real Titles